"Here's a secret for quick wealth, real, honest


"Here's a secret for quick wealth, real, honest and helping other people, based on the law of attraction I want to share with you .... \" I wanted to get some money to pay my debts, but to my surprise, the profits are huge compared to what I expected. And very different from everything I had seen and tried before the internet really is possible to make money by investing only $ 6 and a bit of your time, but you must take into account that this is a great opportunity to the extent that participants are honest and solidarity, because there is no middleman, just the same people involved, this is an honest attempt to improve our economic situation. If you really want to know if this works, see for yourself, and just see how many people are doing this. If this does not convince you, nothing will! Do not miss this opportunity, I would not believe it but I convinced and now all my family and friends we are improving our quality of LIFE! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. I know something you've probably already heard, read and seen a thousand times in this large network of internet, I know ... And almost all those times you finished disappointed, frustrated if you've managed to win something, but with many obstacles before, very slowly or not kept your initial expectation, and if the first time you are trying to profit on the Internet and from your home, Try it and see! Now take 10 minutes to read and think about this and do not regret it, I promise ... Total and missed most? The way how I came to be part of this Great Chain of Honesty, was as follows: First, trying to find a solution to pay my debts, I started looking on the Internet and make some money from home, because for some problems had defaulted personal. And I came across a lot of alternatives, but many very complicated, slow where you had to sell and sell and outside, or where you had to invest a considerable amount, which was not then and I guarantee that no one will be suspicious and . And yes, indeed, there are companies that pay to work from the comfort of your home, I was determined to try this option, but like everything, I asked for a small fee the equivalent of nearly $ 30 registration, which made me doubt then I kept looking on the internet the reliability of this company which I wanted to join, but digging through a forum I came across a message like this: ORIGINAL MESSAGE This is what happened to a friend days ago while sailing in these pages news and the same as you are doing now, I found an article similar to this that said you could make thousands of dollars within weeks with an investment of $ 6 (six) Dollars, I immediately thought: But another scam most of us, curiosity got the better, and I kept reading, and kept saying: You send $ 1 (one) dollar to each of the six names and addresses mentioned in this article, then you enter your name and address at the end of the list at number 6, and send or bring this article to at least 200 NEWS GROUPS or newsgroups (there are thousands of these around the world). After thinking it over and over and consult with friends, I decided to try it, I thought all you could lose were 6 stamps and $ 6 that was what it takes as an investment. As probably many of us were concerned about the legality of this. Then refer to the post office and they confirmed that indeed it was legal! I was amazed and immediately invested my $ 6 Imagine that! ... a day later, I started getting money in the mail. I was happy as a child with new doll, and very surprised! And I thought that this would end in a few days more and I try to forget the issue, in any case had already recouped its investment and had enough to pay my debts, but the money just kept coming. In my first week I made between $ 20 and $ 30. By the end of the second week I had made a total of $ 500. Dollars, could not believe it!, In the third week $ 5,000 (five thousand) dollars and was still coming! And so far, I've been just over 3 weeks and that I won, the last person to which I saw this article, has won a lot more, like $ 45,000! Incredible, but is possible by this method and our honesty. Now let me explain how this works and most importantly the WHY works excellently. READY TO START MAKING MONEY? INSTRUCTIONS: STEP 1 *** *** get 6 sheets of white paper and writes: PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON MY LIST OR E-MAIL or PLEASE ADD MY NAME TO YOUR LIST. Then, write your name, address and e-mail (e-mail) as a nice touch, put in that position appeared each persons name when you sent your dollar (Example: You were in position 3 or ere I in sport 3 ) as to make it more completely. That is, to make money and have fun at the same time, all with good will. Now fold this page where you wrote above, about $ 1 dollar bill, do not send checks or other payments, only U.S. Dollars. Put everything in an envelope and send it to each of the six listed people, the idea of ​​folding the paper around the Dollar is to ensure that you reach your destination and ... THAT IS IMPORTANT! Otherwise people working in the mail could detect that it is money and keep the thousands of envelopes that you are coming, so we recommend wrapping all (additionally, in a dark charcoal or not see through the envelope). What you're doing is creating a service and as such, it does completely legal. From now on you are not sending a dollar to someone for no reason, they pay a dollar for a legitimate service (I assure you again that this is completely legal). He then sends the 6 envelopes (better with cardboard or padded if coin to not notice and disappear on the way) to the following addresses: 1) Charly 20921 Quezada Community st # 1 Canoga Park California 91304 USA 2) Beatriz Elena Diaz 2520 Avenue of the Americas Paraná, Entre Ríos CP: 3100 Argentina Helen_Weisheim@hotmail.com.ar 3) Passage Cavieres Toloza Hector indium 471 Villa the Commune Romeral Rengo, Cachapoal Province, Chile Rancagua. francisco.toloza.c @ hotmail.es 4) Sandra Feuershvenger. White 887.Bahia C.P 8000.Bs.As. Missions ] Argentina. shany_mab07@hotmail.com 5) Angela Aguilera Fuentes. The Pyramid Street 510, Villa Santa Rosa de Chena, Padre Hurtado municipality, province Talagante, Santiago, Chile angela.aguilera.fuentes @ gmail. com
(6) Rodrigo Mena Amigo/comuna de Cerro Navia /direccion luis lazzarini # 7330 / av.huelen / siuda Santiago / Chile country.)
Rodrigo.mena.a@gmail.com *** Step 2 *** read carefully, this is the way of how you will receive Money in the mail, after performing step 1. Look at the list of six people, erase the # 1 name in the list above, and add yours at the end of it, so it was # 2 becomes # 1 and the # 3 becomes # 2, which was # 4 becomes # 3, and the # 5 becomes 4, etc.. AND YOUR ere now number 6, include your name, address, CP and country. STEP 3 *** *** Change everything you think of this article, for example based on your personal experience, but try to keep the essence of the original and basic steps. Now put your article in at least 200 newsgroups, also called discussion forums or newsgroups (there are over 24,000 groups). You only need 200, but when you put more quantity, more money will come. Copy and paste and already have this card and can add your name and address at number 6 following the above instructions. Last save this letter with your changes in a new application file. IS EVERYTHING! What you have to do now is get into different forums, classifieds or free ads, etc.. And publish it. Remember that every time you want to do enough to open the saved file, copy and paste it in the message area of ​​the notice, forums, classifieds or free ads, etc.. To reach them in any search engine put these terms: newsgroups, forums, classifieds or free ads, etc.. And there are thousands of pages. Do not forget to publish the notice or letter with your name at a 6, disappearing 1, when you practice will take about 30 seconds per newsgroups, forums, classifieds or free ads. It is further recommended that when you publish the description of this article try to give a name to trap as NEED MONEY FAST, READ THIS ARTICLE OR NEED MONEY TO PAY YOUR DEBTS?, DOWNLOAD THIS FILE AND READ HOW YOU CAN GET MONEY MAIL etc. And so no WINS MILLION IN ONE WEEK, because nobody took seriously. Remember, the more newsgroups, forums, classifieds or free ads, ETC. OBTAIN, MORE ANSWERS (AND MONEY) YOU WILL, BUT YOU HAVE TO POST A MINIMUM OF 200. ********** NOW! *********** You're receiving money from around the world, to places you never know in a few days. MAKE SURE ALL THE ADDRESSES ARE CORRECT, Why now? From all this: 200 ads postings, say I receive only 5 replies (a very low example). Then I will have won 5 Dollars with my name at # 6 on the letter. Now each of the 5 persons who sent me a dollar also create at least 200 newsgroups, forums, classifieds or free ads, each of the original 5, that I would win $ 25 more, now, if these 25 people create at least 200 newsgroups with my name at # 4 and only 5 replies received from each. Others would be earning an additional $ 125. Now 125 people put their least 200 newsgroups with my name at # 3 and only receive 5 replies each, I would receive an additional $ 625, OK?, Here's the fun part, each of those 625 persons letters in another 200 newsgroups with my name at # 2 and receive 5 replies each, that means that I get 3.125 dollars. These 3125 people send this message to at least 200 newsgroups with my name at # 1 and only 5 persons respond to the 200 newsgroups'll receive 15.625 dollars. From an original investment of $ 6 plus the cost of stamps (seals). INCREDIBLE! And as I said before, that only 5 people respond is very short, the real average would be 20 to 30 people. Here we put these number to calculate. If only 15 people respond, this does: In # 6 15 Dollars In # 5225 Dollars In # 4 3.375 Dollars In # 3 50.625 Dollars In # 2 759.375 Dollars In # 1 11390.625 Dollars Yes, more than ONCE MILLOS DOLLARS! Once your name is not on the list, take the latest announcement of the newsgroup again. The thing to remember is that thousands of people, worldwide, is connected to the Internet every day and read these articles every day like you and I do. So I think anyone would struggle to invest $ 6 and see if it really works. Some people even think what if nobody decides to answer? What is the probability of this happening when there are thousands and thousands of honest people (like you and me) looking for a way to have extra money and are willing to try, because there is no worse than the fight is not done. Another way is to publish this letter on your website (if you have one). Do not forget to do this properly, clean, and honest and work safely. Just be honest. PRINT sure this article NOW, try to keep the list of everyone who sends you money and always look at the newsgroups and see if all are participating cleanly. I repeat: NO WORSE than the fight is not done, there are an estimated 20,000 to 50,000 new users DAILY (worldwide). REMEMBER do so honest, clean and CORRECTLY and work safely. Last step *** *** and this is the way I like just sit back and ENJOY BECAUSE THE WAY COMES IN CASH! Expect to see a bit of money during the second week, but after the third week, STORM OF ENVELOPES IN YOUR MAIL. All you have to do is receive and try not to scream out loud, when you realize that this time you did! When you begin to fall short of money, he revived the file and re-published in the same places where you post now and new places to meet in the future. Always keep handy a copy of this article, REACTIVALO whenever you need money. IS AN INCREDIBLE TOOL THAT CAN RETURN TO USE time you need cash, but IMPORTANT, do not abuse! after having taken advantage of that requerías. Only if you really need it urgently. IS A WAY TO SHARE AND IN WHICH attract abundance into our lives. HONESTY IS WHAT MAKES THIS PROGRAM SUCCESS NOT FORGET. This step only the honesty and integrity of the participants can make this system work. As you noticed, there is no middleman miracle to multiply the money that intermediary are each of the people involved in this flow of money this way the only way that will not work is that unscrupulous people posteen newsgroups without sending the money to those concerned. Now if all or many do this is logical that this wonderful idea to be stopped. Appeal to their honesty and integrity, no honor and conscience for 6 measly dollars, it is true that no amount is worth, $ 6 but the only think it is enough. the fruit of honesty is reflected in a very short time and last forever Chinese proverb NOTE: MORE LETTERS, MORE ANSWERS, and that translates into more money. Remember, do it right for this to work well, all people entering this business obtain positive results, basically these monies are traveling throughout the world, and people are grateful to the neediest worldwide ( not to say extreme poverty), but people, that for those things in life are in trouble and this helps them get ahead, and when they returned back the hand this way, which is why I ask not to interfere with the business. BE HONEST AND THANKS FOR READING.


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