Business Start Up Funding


Are you looking for funds for a New Business, New Invention/Product, New Concept or have a Business and need some funding for Inventory, New Equipment?


Conventional Banks nowadays just do not fund a lot of Start Ups without great credit and a lot of collateral to put down. I learned this first hand approaching my Personal Banker with a 763 Credit Score but I did not have the Collateral for the loan.


After a lengthy search, many emails, many phone calls, many scam companies offering me too good to be true deals and some companies wanting Absolutely Crazy interest rates, I was able to obtain $40,000 in Unsecured first round funding for my New Product which is currently in stores now.


I felt the need to offer a service to help people just like me wanting to launch a New Product or Start Up Business get that Funding they need. Save you the headaches of going through the trials and errors I have already gone though. There is a lot of money to be given for this purpose but Finding it and the reliable Sources who offer it is the Challenge.


I have a 3 step program that will get you those Funds. You will have access to a First round of Funding, a Second round of Funding and I will also get you set up to start building Trade lines on your business so after 6 months, you can start applying for Funding utilizing your Business Credit to pay off any debt associated with your Personal Credit Score. Once your Business is operational for a year, I also have short term Funding you will have access that is NOT based on your personal credit score.


Everyone has great ideas but not everyone prepares when those great ideas put you in a Financial Jeopardy. My 3 step program gets you your Funds you need to start your business right away, gets you follow up funds as needed and then offers a way to pay off those Personal Debts using your Business Credit. Trust the Process I have created for you. You will not find a better all around Program!


I have Solutions for every Credit Score Criteria. Keep in mind, I am not going to tell Everyone they are going to get approved for this Financing. If you have very bad credit, have a history of late payments, in the middle of a bankruptcy situation, my best advice is going to recommend you getting things back on track with a Credit Counselor who I can certainly get you set up with. If you have a 600 Score or better, chances are, I can help. In some instances, I can help with scores between 550 and 600 but it depends on what is on your reports.


If you have an existing Business and you are depositing at least $10,000 per month into your bank account but you have poor credit, I can certainly help you get Funds as well that do not utilize your personal credit score. You must be in business for at least a year.


I am a real person. I will certainly share with you my Product that is in Stores now so you can confirm who I am as well as give you my personal information for you to look up. I am not going to just send off your information to many other potential "Lenders" like my information was shared when I was looking for Financing. 


Just a Follow up. I have several people who respond to this ad looking for Real Start Up Funds for their Business or Project. I welcome you to do your due diligence to research everything I offer you but if you have a very poor credit score just looking for some Funds to pay some personal debt, this is NOT the service for you. I work with people who are seriously looking for Funds for a Business or Product idea.


If you are looking for an Instant Personal Credit Boost to qualify for a home loan or get a better interest rates on a current loan, I have programs for that as well.


Email me and tell me how much Funding you are looking for, your estimated credit score, if you currently have a Business or if this is a Start Up and also your Name and Phone Number. (First name is fine, I just need to know who I will be talking to when I call back) All consulting is Free. If your Credit is good, (typically 680 or better) there is NO upfront at all to get these funds. If your Credit needs work or an Instant Boost is needed, there will be fees to get this done but you will have a Free Consultation about this beforehand so you can make those decisions. 



Send me an email to and lets get started or go to my website at and fill out your information.


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