Candypreneur: Freedom Bought in Quarters


Have you always wanted to start your own business even though you have no money and no time? This book takes you through the process I went through starting a humble vending machine business for only $200. I started simply with only one machine and used the revenue from that one machine to buy second and continued to compound the growth in like manner. Not only was the gumball machine industry a great source of passive income it also taught me a lot about business. Years later I sold the vending machine route and started new business venture with the money I made selling the business. If you are looking for a simple business to start there is nothing better. Many great entrepreneurs I have met who run multi-million dollar businesses, started their business careers in coin op machines like the simple gumball machines you see in every business around. Even Warren Buffet at an early age learned about compound interest with Coin-Operated machines. Reading this book won't make you a millionaire or Warren Buffet. However if you apply the actions and knowledge learned in this book you will start building a steady source of passive income that can replace your current job and give you more freedom then working for someone else. So are you ready to dive in and start your own business? Buy this book and become a Candypreneur.


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